Saturday, August 23, 2008

my latest polyvores

if you don't know about polyvore, i'm glad you're here! it's a great website for aspiring fashionistas to put together outfits online. check out to see what i mean!
these are my most recent outfit combinations--

^i just bought this whole outfit. i bought the leather jacket and scarf at wet seal, the jeans at delias, and i already had the tank and headband. i love this look, leather jackets are so in for fall! bytheway, that's taylor momsen (jenny humphrey from gossip girl).

^i love blake lively and i love gossip girl style! i'm hoping to buy some of this outfit, since it totally fits the "prep-school-uniform" style for fall.

^i just bought this outfit at the mall yesterday. the whole thing is from wet seal. i know it's really wild and crazy out there, but it's my secret style to have neon colors and crazy prints. i don't do it often but it's fun for something stand outish and different!

to see all of my polyvores, check out my profile here.

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Anonymous said...

I loooooove the first outfit!!!!!