Friday, August 29, 2008

one shirt, five styles

we all know the feeling of having nothing to wear. it's awful! but this should help you to increase your full potential use of your wardrobe. let's start with a top... how about a simple white button up.

Above are five different outfits, all including styles that are very in for fall. Each one has it's own look and feel and you would never guess they're all based off of the same basic piece. You can throw in any accessories. Also, I threw in a Michael Kors bag that would go with any of the ensembles, although you could use whatever purse you like. I tried to choose affordable pieces so that you could get as many looks as possible! just click on the image and then click on individual pieces on the new page to see where each article of clothing is from.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

how to:: work a plain white tshirt and black leggings

alright, before we start, take my apologies in advance for any rambling, ranting, and irrelevant notions along the way for this one!! :P

so, around where i live, there is a very annoying "trend" (if you could call it that) of wearing just a plain white tee and black leggings. imagine the boring eyesore that is a sea of white and black walking clones... EW! i don't know if this applies anywhere else, but even if not, here's the perfect opportunity to start a trend of your own :]

let's start with the shirt. generally what i see with this look is a basic white v-neck found at American Apparel or Pacsun, or something of that sort. (shown above- nollie relaxed vneck tee- how can we build upon this? there are millions of ways, so why have these clones not yet found that out?!
well, apart from my ranting... lets start with a belt.
metallics are very in for fall so i chose a shining woven gold belt. (shown to left- wet seal). immediately, this adds a whole new kaboom to the outfit! it's getting cuter already! wear it over the shirt so that there are still quite a few inches of white tshirt sticking out under the belt before the leggings.
now what to add next?

i'd say a necklace! what i imagine perfect here would be a long gold chain (gold to match the belt) with some cute little pendant, a heart maybe, at the end. (shown to right- juicy couture Vintage Estate Layered Necklace). the necklace should not come down all the way to touch the belt, but almost! the goal here is to fill up as much of the empty white space with cuteness!
as an added pop, add a brightly colored bangle bracelet or watch. this will add a little color to the so far plainly shaded ensemble.

time to move on to the leggings. you have lots of choices here. i think it would be superr adorable if you chose a pair with either embellishment around the bottoms of the legs, whether it be lace, rhinestones, buttons, etc. this will be yet another way to add a unique flair to this basic look. plain black leggings will still work fine here.
now... let's not forget about the shoes!! here's a real opportunity for color, or subtlety. you could go the safe route with gold flats to match our metallic look.
orrrrr... drumroll please!!! you could toss in some neon color popping shoes to really kick up the volume :D any bright color will work.
bright red pointy flats (or heels, depending) just scream blood-thirsty-high-fashion! yum! (*hint* red lipstick... ohyeahh!) don't forget to throw in a matching bag to really boost the color impact!
this outfit has really evolved now, dontcha think?!
mhmmm. i think it's finally time to be the fashionable one in the crowd of... whiteshirtblackleggings wearers... yeahhhuh!

Monday, August 25, 2008

thank you!!

thanks so much for all the comments!! i probably wouldn't keep blogging if you weren't here letting me know what you think, but as long as i keep getting comments, i'll continue updating as often as possible :] please bookmark my page so you can check back for updates and new posts! and please let others know about my blog!!!
for everyone who asked for my polyvore account
thats it... i make new outfits all the time!

(I3arbiepinkx on

Sunday, August 24, 2008

back school necessities!

i hate to admit it, but it's almost time to go back to school. i know everyone's disappointed to see summer go, but it's always exciting to go back to school shopping. i've compiled a list of seven things that with be wardrobe basics for your fall school fashion.

1. black ballet flats - ballet flats are always in, and can be worn with any ensemble. black flats are a wardrobe staple because they go with every outfit, from skinny jeans to mini skirts. they're a basic look and important in any closet. you can find them for extremely low prices at Target, but if you're looking for a splurge, dior, dolce and gabbana, and steve madden all have adorable pairs.

2. vests - vests are a huge trend for fall. every kind, from denim to argyle print and over any shirt is an adorable look for this school year. vests can be found at almost any store. the one shown above is from forever 21.

3. tights! - via gossip girl style muse, blair waldorf, brightly colored tights are definitely a big deal for back to school! basic black opaques are always a safe choice with many outfits, but it's a current trend to go for crazy color pops like bright red, blue, pink, etc. an amazing website for every color and kind of tights (even tie dye!) is

4. signature scent - perfume... personally i've tried tons of different scents. i've finally found the one. my signature perfume is vera wang princess. there are soo many different perfumes to pick from, so try to get recommendations from friends/family. then go to a department or specialty store (ie. sephora) and try no more than 3 on. wear them around for a little while before deciding on the one you think smells best on you. if you're not up for the expensive price tag on designer scents, try bath and body works body splashes. their light scents work just as well and have a much less intimidating impact on your wallet.
**every perfume smells different on everyone (it's based on your hormones and the oils in your skins), so be sure to try it out and let it sit before making your final decision! the scent can change over time, which could possibly change your choice!!

5. cardigans - cardigans (a simple button up sweater), are a huge trend for back to school! whether you go for a short sleeved knit, a long warm cardigan, or a cropped sweater, you'll be kept warm in style for fall. they can be warn over tanks (your summer ones that you thought wouldn't work for chilly fall days are perfect here!) for a very stylish look. cardigans, being such a simple and must-have piece, can be found in most stores. try forever 21, delia's, or american eagle. for a splurge, try betsey johnson's leopard print cropped cardigan.

6. dark wash skinnies - skinny jeans are basic fall fashion! leave your light washes and your boot cuts to summer, and trade up to classic dark wash skinnies. they have a high-fashion look and can be dressed up or down, to make them a casual outfit or part of a more fancy ensemble. shown above are "morgan" dark wash skinny jeans from delia's (my favorite stop for denim).

7. tote/backpack - the most critical piece of your back to school shopping is your book bag. whether you carry it around with you to your classes like at my school, or just shove it into your locker each morning, you have to admit, you will be wearing it a lot! totes are always in since they have a more sophisticated look than a traditional backpack. still, if you carry too many books, a tote can hurt your back and shoulders. it's a decision you'll have to make. pacsun is the ultimate stop for both adorable totes and backpacks. other places to check are hollister, american eagle, journeys, and nordstrom. if you're up for yet another splurge, try juicy or michael kors!

this isn't meant to be all you buy for back to school, but just the basic must-have articles that will be the glue in your fall wardrobe! good luck this year! here's to good grades, friends, and boys! :]

Saturday, August 23, 2008

my latest polyvores

if you don't know about polyvore, i'm glad you're here! it's a great website for aspiring fashionistas to put together outfits online. check out to see what i mean!
these are my most recent outfit combinations--

^i just bought this whole outfit. i bought the leather jacket and scarf at wet seal, the jeans at delias, and i already had the tank and headband. i love this look, leather jackets are so in for fall! bytheway, that's taylor momsen (jenny humphrey from gossip girl).

^i love blake lively and i love gossip girl style! i'm hoping to buy some of this outfit, since it totally fits the "prep-school-uniform" style for fall.

^i just bought this outfit at the mall yesterday. the whole thing is from wet seal. i know it's really wild and crazy out there, but it's my secret style to have neon colors and crazy prints. i don't do it often but it's fun for something stand outish and different!

to see all of my polyvores, check out my profile here.

a picture's worth a thousand words

it's almost school time again, and we all know what that means... picture day!!! most people live to hate their school pictures, and i think it's time we put an end to that! i really like all of my school pictures, and here are a few tips so you can make your picture perfect.

on the top-

  • wear solid or very simple patterned tops. your ultra-busy flowered top will distract from your beautiful face, and you definitely don't want that!
  • find a unique, interesting, or flattering neckline that you like. the best examples of good necklines are v-necks (my personal fave!), scoop necks, and necks with embelishment
  • wear a color that works well with your skin tone and hair color. on blondes, turquoise, green, and brown are perfect. redheads should stay away from pinks and reds. brunettes look amazing in reds, oranges, and purples. if you are very pale, don't wear white/grey/etc. still, these are only loose guidelines... wear a color you feel best in!
  • stay away from sleeveless tops, logo tees, and anything with writing.
on the bottom-
  • it doesn't really matter what you wear on the bottom, since most pictures only capture your top half.
  • wear whatever is comfortable, but be aware that you may run into people you know while getting your picture taken. classic jeans are always a safe choice.
  • keep it sweet and simple. nothing too big, flashy, or distracting.
  • a simple necklace to fill your neckline is always a good idea, along with small (no dangles!) earrings.
hair and makeup-
  • don't get your hair cut too close to the picture day. it's important to get it cut at least 1-2 weeks in advance so that you have time to get used to the style before the picture.
  • something i've done since my sixth grade picture was to go to the salon to get my hair done the morning of the photo! when that isn't possible (like this year for me), don't stress. when you get your hair cut/done, ask your stylist how you can do the look easily at home.
  • for your makeup, go light and simple, since caked-on makeup will look absolutely ridiculous in a picture. just do your normal routine... if you don't normally wear makeup, ask your mom or older sister to help you put on a little blush, gloss, and anything else you might want (i recommend a little eyeliner to make your eyes pop!).
  • bring a hair brush/comb and some makeup with you so that you can touch up any stray hairs or smeared makeup before you get your picture taken.
want to see my picture day outfit?? look no further! here it is::

don't worry i won't be wearing my sunglasses in the picture! i'll be wearing a tinted moisturizer, pink blush, some thin black eyeliner, pink gloss, and my hair's going to be straight.

say cheese, girls! hopefully, i've helped you feel confident and ready for picture day!