Tuesday, August 26, 2008

how to:: work a plain white tshirt and black leggings

alright, before we start, take my apologies in advance for any rambling, ranting, and irrelevant notions along the way for this one!! :P

so, around where i live, there is a very annoying "trend" (if you could call it that) of wearing just a plain white tee and black leggings. imagine the boring eyesore that is a sea of white and black walking clones... EW! i don't know if this applies anywhere else, but even if not, here's the perfect opportunity to start a trend of your own :]

let's start with the shirt. generally what i see with this look is a basic white v-neck found at American Apparel or Pacsun, or something of that sort. (shown above- nollie relaxed vneck tee- shop.pacsun.com). how can we build upon this? there are millions of ways, so why have these clones not yet found that out?!
well, apart from my ranting... lets start with a belt.
metallics are very in for fall so i chose a shining woven gold belt. (shown to left- wet seal). immediately, this adds a whole new kaboom to the outfit! it's getting cuter already! wear it over the shirt so that there are still quite a few inches of white tshirt sticking out under the belt before the leggings.
now what to add next?

i'd say a necklace! what i imagine perfect here would be a long gold chain (gold to match the belt) with some cute little pendant, a heart maybe, at the end. (shown to right- juicy couture Vintage Estate Layered Necklace). the necklace should not come down all the way to touch the belt, but almost! the goal here is to fill up as much of the empty white space with cuteness!
as an added pop, add a brightly colored bangle bracelet or watch. this will add a little color to the so far plainly shaded ensemble.

time to move on to the leggings. you have lots of choices here. i think it would be superr adorable if you chose a pair with either embellishment around the bottoms of the legs, whether it be lace, rhinestones, buttons, etc. this will be yet another way to add a unique flair to this basic look. plain black leggings will still work fine here.
now... let's not forget about the shoes!! here's a real opportunity for color, or subtlety. you could go the safe route with gold flats to match our metallic look.
orrrrr... drumroll please!!! you could toss in some neon color popping shoes to really kick up the volume :D any bright color will work.
bright red pointy flats (or heels, depending) just scream blood-thirsty-high-fashion! yum! (*hint* red lipstick... ohyeahh!) don't forget to throw in a matching bag to really boost the color impact!
this outfit has really evolved now, dontcha think?!
mhmmm. i think it's finally time to be the fashionable one in the crowd of... whiteshirtblackleggings wearers... yeahhhuh!


Anonymous said...

I luh-v ur advices! I think that you hav great taste! Keep writing pleeeeze

YouKnowYouLoveMe, Xoxo, Gia said...

I luh-v your blog! MORE

ocfashionlover said...

I'm so glad no one wears this trend where I live!!! But I have a question: Is the shirt long enough to cover the persons butt (like a dress) or is it just a normal short shirt?

GlossyChic said...

to ocfashionlover:
it's always a normal shirt... doesnt cover their butt

ocfashionlover said...

That is so odd!! I've never seen that before!

Deanna said...

Good words.

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