Monday, July 27, 2009


out there_afraid

trevor... again. i swore him off so long ago, and yet some things you
never give up on, even if it's at a subconscious level. i mean, today's
only the first time we've talked in what seems like a century, but i'm
head over heals again like the play was yesterday. he asked me to give
him head. but that's not the scary part. the scary part is that i'm
highly considering it. i have a serious trevor fetish that i cannot get
over, and i used to be way to nervous to do anything about it. now, i
feel so much more brash and bold. i want him so badly. but, at the same
time, i don't want to be just a sex toy. if trevor and i could have a
legitimate relationship, my every dream could be fulfilled. otherwise, i
still don't know how to feel about us being friends-with-benefits. i
can't put into words how much i want him. in every way. and it's making
me so confused. for the moment i'm happy. i'm just terribly afraid it
won't last.

dark on fire - turin brakes</center>